William Sidebottom Testimonial – Home Based IT Worker

“As a home based IT worker requiring large amounts of bandwidth to be able to cope with HD VOIP and large amounts of data transfers in rural Shropshire, getting required levels of bandwidth and availability and service has always been a problem and has made certain business functions near enough possible.

Having investigated multiple different technologies such as WISPS, Satellite etc, I stumbled across this little known method of ADSL bonding.

Having had conversations with the Velocomms team and discussed my options, I signed up to the service.

Equipment received in a timely manner along with additional ADSL lines from PlusNet, great service all round.

I was having some difficulties setting up the new equipment due to some complexities of my networking setup within my house, Saturday morning as I was getting a little stressed over not being able to work on the Monday, assistance turned up on my front door step on the Saturday from Velocomms and proceeded to fix all my issues.

Anyway the service is great, fast, friendly and informative and has fixed the majority of our issues and we are now able to pretty much do all the things that we could not before. Speeds are significantly improved across the board, so all is good.

Anybody in rural locations should look at this option and is well recommended by me.

Thanks again Velocomms for helping us out.”