VoIP Phone Service


VoIP enables businesses to save money, improve customer service and increase productivity.

No longer is the desk phone the only communications device, calls be handled on a PC, Laptop, tablet device and a mobile phone can become your extension when you are out the office.

Presence allows you to easily see when a colleague is on the phone, away from their desk or unavailable, no more infuriating ’round robin’ calls when dealing with customers. Chat and conference features improve responsiveness and drive improvements.

Call charges can be drastically reduced with unlimited UK landline and UK Mobile Calls bundled within the monthly subscription fee.

You are able to take advantage of features that until only recently were only available on dedicated telephone systems that cost many thousands of pounds by simply using a Web Browser, empowering people to do more, quickly and easily.

Save Money

Call charges can be significantly reduced and ‘enterprise class’ features are simply available at your fingertips! As standard we provide unlimited standard UK mobile and landline calls.


You don’t need a physical telephone system in your office or traditional telephone lines anymore, a WiFI, Broadband or other Internet connection is all that is required.

Take your phone extension with you to wherever it is most convenient, be it a remote office, home office, WiFi hotspot or mobile phone.

‘Enterprise’ Features

Voicemail, hunt groups, voicemail to email, automated attendant and a range of other features the enables businesses of any size to benefit from a fully integrated, easy to use, phone system.

The system is extremely easy to deploy and handsets can be auto-configured simply by plugging them into the office LAN or home office broadband line.


As well as traditional deskphones and DECT wireless handsets, computers, tablets and WiFI enabled Mobile Phones can all be integrated into the system and be associated with a specific extension number. A customer only has to ring one DDI number and the call can be taken wherever you are. Don’t miss an important call again!

With the ability to pay for a VoIP handset subscription on a rolling-monthly basis, with no long-term commitment, implementing a VoIP Phone Service has never been easier!

SOME of the benefits of the VoIP Phone Service

  • Fixed monthly rentals per extension
    • Support up to 20 devices per extension – VoIP Handsets, Computers, Mobile Telephones and Tablet Devices etc.
  • 100% availability
  • Unlimited standard UK mobile and landline calls
  • 30-day rolling contract an option
  • VoIP Handsets included in monthly rental or purchased outright.
  • Disaster recovery guarantee
  • Advanced features as standard
  • Keep your number ranges
  • Work remotely as if you were in the office

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