Truffle Broadband Bonding Router

Truffle Broadband Bonding Router

 Truffle Broadband Bonding Router

The Truffle Broadband Bonding Router supports aggregation of up to 12 broadband connections and is compatible with xDSL, SDSL, EFM, E1 leased lines and similar high-speed broadband connections.

The Truffle has been developed over a period of more than 10 years to provide market leading bonding and data aggregation capabilities.

Typical applications include high-speed Internet connectivity, leased line replacement, back-up and augmentation and network resilience.

Capable of supporting aggregated bandwidth in excess of 900Mbps the Truffle is ideal for multi-site, branch office and central site connectivity.

When used for leased line replacement, costs are typically significantly less than that of a ‘traditional’ leased line, and payback can be as little as 6 months!

Importantly, the routers can be used with broadband lines from any provider.

Bond up to 12 broadband connections

The Truffle supports 4 broadband connections as standard and can be easily upgraded to support 8 or 12.

Leased line replacement

Truffle Server

Replace expensive leased lines using the optional ‘Truffle Server’ capability. This enables site to-site connectivity between remote Truffle or Truffle Lite units over VLL (Virtual Leased Line) connections.

Up to 50 remote units can be connected to a central Truffle Server, ideal for connecting branch offices to a central site location.

Truffle Broadband Bonding Router Leased Line Operation

Leased line backup and bandwidth on demand

Again utilising the ‘Truffle Server’ functionality it is possible to provide ‘bandwidth on demand’ or backup functionality to an existing leased line for both fast Internet or site-to-site connectivity.

Large enterprise features

Router resilience

The use of multiple broadband circuits provides resilience and redundancy from network infrastructure failures. At central site locations, multiple units can be deployed to provide protection against unit failure. Industry standard VRRP protocol is used to ensure maximum system availability.

Truffle Broadband Bonding Router Multi-Office Operation

Feature rich

With advanced features that include traffic shaping, QoS (Quality of Service), data prioritisation and local and remote management the Truffle Broadband Bonding Router is suitable for use in the most complex and demanding of corporate environments.

High performance

As standard the Truffle Broadband Bonding Router delivers 300Mbps of throughput in standalone operation or 100Mbps when peered with another Truffle or Truffle Lite unit. This performance can be upgraded to provide 940Mbps throughput in standalone or 250Mbps throughput when peered in high-bandwidth network environments.


The Truffle condenses 10 years of research and development leadership of Internet load balancing, WAN virtualisation, WAN optimisation and broadband bonding, into a compact yet powerful Internet aggregation device with built-in Internet failover.

Truffle Broadband Bonding Router Operation

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