Crownwheel Design – Broadband Bonding

May 15, 2015

Crownwheel Design



Slow Broadband

We are running a design studio out in the sticks that is only served by very poor overhead lines and decided to do something about it.

Outstanding Service and Knowledge

I had heard of ADSL bonding and thought this was the way to go, I did approach another company first and was underwhelmed. I then called Phil at Velocomms and was very impressed, all the equipment came out very quickly and the set up seemed very straight forward.

Up and Running

I started the set up towards the end of a very busy day and got it wrong, I rang Phil who talked me through very patiently, here is a man who knows his trade, within minutes everything was up and running.


I would have no hesitation in recomending Velocomms to anyone, the service is first class and friendly I only wish they provided our telephone lines as well!

Matthew Lewis
Crownwheel Design