Broadband Lines


VeloComms are able to supply a range of ADSL, SDSL and Fibre Broadband lines at very competitive prices that can be used to provide connectivity and additional bandwidth for broadband bonding installations.

ADSL broadband lines

We offer a range of ADSL, ADSL 2+ and ADSL Max lines suitable for use with any of our bonded broadband solutions.

Please contact us and provide site address, postcode and line telephone number (if adding broadband to an existing line) and we will provide you with a tailored quotation.

Alternatively, please click on the banner below to see and place an order for the latest residential or business broadband offers from ‘plusnet’ one of our broadband partners.

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Fibre broadband

Fibre Broadband offers speeds up to 8 times faster than standard broadband, and of course can be bonded together by ourselves to provide very high speed connections, cost effectively and easily.

With ‘business grade’ SLA’s and 24/7 customer support you can be confident that our Fibre Broadband solutions will deliver the bandwidth and reliability you need. Ideal for taking advantage of Internet-based business applications including Cloud, VoIP, Unified Communications and Video Conferencing.

Our Broadband Bonding Service or Truffle Broadband Bonding Routers can be used to bond any of these broadband line types.

Line types can also be mixed, for example; ADSL and ADSL 2+ line can be used together for bonding as can ADSL 2+ and Fibre Broadband.

Analogue lines & calls

We also offer analogue lines that can be used for the broadband bonding service and / or with our range of bundled minutes packages that reduce the cost of your outbound calls.

Leased Lines

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