Satellite Broadband

Why satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is an ideal solution for locations where ADSL broadband connections are extremely slow and combining (bonding) multiple broadband lines would not deliver significant benefits.

Our Satellite Broadband packages offer a choice of upload and download speeds (between 4Mbps and 50Mbps), inclusive data volumes (between 2GB and 50GB) and various equipment options.

Our fully trained engineers will install the equipment at your premises, configure the satellite equipment and demonstrate its correct operation on completion.

A Site Survey may be required in some circumstances prior to final quotation and equipment installation, pricing varies depending upon location and the complexity of the project. Installation time can vary depending upon location but is typically completed within two hours.

Our intention here is to give you a ‘flavour’ of what is available, please do contact us for a personalised quotation:

2GB Inclusive Data

Download Upload Equipment Cost Installation Activation Fee Monthly Subscription – 2yr contract
20Mbps 6Mbps £325 £115 £29.99 £19.99

20GB Inclusive Data

Download Upload Equipment Cost Installation Activation Fee Monthly Subscription– 2yr Contract
20Mbps 2Mbps £349 £159 £29.99 £35.99

One of our consultants would be delighted to speak with you and highlight the most appropriate solution for your particular needs, they can be contacted here.

How does satellite broadband work?

A Satellite Dish and a Satellite Modem is installed by us as part of our Satellite Broadband Service.

A standard LAN Wireless (WiFi) point and/or Ethernet Switch can then be connected to the Satellite Modem to provide connectivity to local computers, tablets, mobile phones etc.

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