Mobile Broadband


Here you will find details of an innovative range of Wireless Internet Broadband Extender (WiBE) 3G Mobile Broadband Intelligent Routers that enable plug and play mobile broadband in places other technologies cannot reach.

Indoor-Gateway13G Mobile Broadband Intelligent Routers – WiBE

WiBE Routers incorporate patented multi-beam antenna technology with WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for ease of installation and use.


  • Homeworkers
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Festivals & Exhibitions
  • Rural Broadband
  • 3G Connectivity

Indoor and outdoor variants

Indoor and ruggedised version for outdoor applications.

WiBE Indoor Data Sheet [ddownload id=”6034″]

WiBE Outdoor Data Sheet [ddownload id=”6036″]

SNMP Management

Corporate customers can easily integrate WiBE into their existing SNMP management architecture using our ‘Enterprise’ variant.

WiBE Enterprise Data Sheet [ddownload id=”6038″]

Patented Multi-Beam AntennaAntennas

Patented multi-beam antenna technology enables these Intelligent Routers to provide speeds up to an incredible 2.5 TIMES faster than a standard broadband dongle.

With access to SIM’s and Dongles from all the major networks and tariffs to suit every budget and requirement we are the one-stop shop for mobile broadband.