Is Your Business Broadband Good Enough?

bbThe modern business environment is a competitive one, especially when it comes to conducting business online. In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen technology come to play bigger role in industries of all types. One of the most profound changes that we’ve seen take place is in access to a more robust and faster internet on an ongoing basis.

The internet now makes up a big part of working life. We use the cloud to store documents and apps, we market our businesses online using social media, SEO and PPC. Transactions are often carried out online too and thanks to all of this, we rely on a regular connection that performs well and is always up.

Of course, managing a business means that a lot of decisions need to be made. Most of these will have the same focus in mind – your bottom line. Finding where costs can be cut is one of the first things that can improve profit margins. Sometimes though, it can be a false economy to sign up for a cheaper service that the business relies upon.

Broadband is one such area. In your haste to make savings on your outgoings, cheap broadband deals might seem attractive. However, you need to take into serious consideration exactly what compromises you will be making by opting for the cheaper service.


This is 2015. If your business requires broadband in order to function, then it’s business grade broadband that you should be utilising.

Not all broadband is created equally, which means that you should always be wary of providers that are offering the exact same broadband packages for businesses and consumers.

When a broadband service is interrupted, office productivity can literally grind to a halt. This means no email, no banking, no cloud applications, reduced access to documents and more. In this sense, your broadband connection is as vital to the running of your business as the power supply. No electricity means no computers – and so does no broadband.

The Need For Speed

Business grade broadband packages are often slightly more expensive than their domestic equivalents. But what you are paying for is greater reliability, faster speeds, great customer support and more secure, prioritised connections.

Indeed, it is crucial that the benefits of this last point be understood. With business grade broadband, business traffic is prioritised over consumer traffic during peak times. This means that at times when a consumer service might suffer from ‘throttling’ – where the service is slowed in order to prioritise other services – a business service will remain consistent and not slow down. 

So, Is My Business Broadband Good Enough?

You will know of course know the answer to this question. If the package that you’ve got is reasonably reliable for all intents and purposes, performs at an adequate speed that’s in line with your requirements, then you may well already have everything you need.

However, one important consideration to take into account is scalability. How scalable is your current broadband package? Your business will undoubtedly grow over time, and so it’s important that you are in receipt of a broadband service that is able to scale with you.

A lot of businesses are finding themselves in this position these days, and are utilising the gift of foresight to start looking at their options now so that they are ready to scale when the time comes.

A Site Survey

The IT department, working alongside your broadband service provider, can perform a site survey that looks at how the business needs might scale, as well as the needs of the company at the point of order.

Site surveys are conducted so that the provider can fully understand the environment in which the broadband will be deployed, as well as opening up an opportunity to talk with the client face to face about his/her specifications, expectations and requirements from their business broadband package.

The Solutions

There are a number of solutions that can be deployed, all designed to suit specific situations and business needs, so there should never be an occasion when a business cannot get what it needs from its broadband provider (provided, of course, that the business goes with a reputable one).

ADSL Broadband Lines

ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) lines come in a range of solutions, and basically mean that your business’s broadband will arrive via telephone line, which will be perfect in a lot of cases. ADSL is the basic type of broadband that you may already have at home, and is usually the cheapest option.

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband is the solution that can deliver extremely high speeds of connection – up to 8 times faster than standard, ADSL broadband in fact. Fibre broadband is also a great solution if your business utilises a lot of cloud services, VoIP and/or Unified Comms.

Broadband Bonding

Broadband bonding is often a solution that is used to make broadband reach certain rural areas where ADSL solutions might not be adequate. It simply describes a process whereby multiple broadband lines are combined into one, creating a much faster and more reliable connection for the business.

Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband is often used when neither bonding nor ADSL connections can be realistically achieved to a decent standard. It works, as you might expect, via means of a satellite dish.

Your broadband could be seen as the lifeblood of your business. There are very few companies now that can say that they don’t take advantage of the internet to streamline processes and sell services. It’s vital that the connection you choose is adequate for the needs of your staff and business and indirectly, even your customers. Choose a broadband product that’s fast, robust and offers as much uptime as possible, as well as scalability and you can future proof your business for years to come.

Please get in touch to see if we have the right business broadband solution for you ­– we’re always happy to help and give advice.