EFM – Ethernet First Mile

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) – NGN Connectivity

EFM is the latest  Ethernet technology delivered by the 21C NGN (Next Generation Network).

It  delivers high-quality, uncontended, synchronous Internet leased line services up to 35Mbps depending on location.

Cost effective to deploy and manage the service delivers the high-speed bandwidth businesses require to compete and grow.

The service is delivered over copper wires or where available, fibre optic connectivity. The ability to deliver the EFM service over copper wires means that the service is widely available and can be quickly and easily deployed. The official standard for EFM is IEEE Std 802.3ah-2004.

EFM is an uncontended service and offers the same bandwidth in both upload and download directions. This can offer significant advantages over ADSL or fibre broadband and ensures the service is indeed a compelling alternative to ‘traditional’ leased line connectivity.

Why EFM?

Leased line connectivity using EFM is a cost effective and widely available method of delivering high-speed, synchronous connectivity, with guaranteed performance to locations across the UK.

Guaranteed performance

EFM is an uncontended service so bandwidth, which is the same in both upload and download directions, can be guaranteed. In addition, low latency and jitter are also guaranteed to ensure compatibility with the most exacting of voice, video and data applications.

In the unlikely event of a line failure SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) clearly define response and ‘time to fix’ time periods.

Flexible contracts

Available on 1, 2 or 3 year contracts it is cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Managed service

EFM circuits are deployed with remotely managed and monitored routers and ADSL lines can be provided to provide additional backup and resilience.

A central 24/7 monitoring service is provided as part of the service to ensure optimum performance and network availability.

Key features at a glance

  • Uncontended Service
  • Lead times of as little as 25 days to install
  • Speeds from between 1Mbps to 35Mbps depending on location
  • Secure Layer 2 and advanced MEF compliant
  • Industry leading SLA
  • 4Hr fix, guaranteed as standard
  • Guaranteed low latency and jitter
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting

*** STOP PRESS ***

We avoid line installation costs wherever possible.

However, if they are incurred, Government funding of up to £3,000 towards these installation costs could be available.

Please contact us to find out more.