Bonded Broadband – Combine Broadband Lines


Combining broadband lines to provide faster connections and more bandwidth can be easily done using our bonded broadband subscription service and dedicated routers.

Our solutions will work with lines from any broadband provider. There is no need to cancel any existing contract. Just add additional lines for more bandwidth and higher speed.

ADSL, Fibre Broadband, MPLS circuits and leased lines can all be combined via bonded broadband.

Bonded broadband combines up to 12 Broadband Lines





Monthly Bonded Broadband Subscription Service

The bonded broadband service supports the bonding up to eight lines and a total aggregated bandwidth of up to 120Mbps.

The service is ideal for small businesses, home users, teleworkers and branch offices of larger organisations.

Designed for self-installtion, setup costs are very reasonable, just purchase pre-configured bonded broadband routers, either initially or over a 12 month period and away you go!

Monthly subscriptions start from only £15 + VAT per line per month.

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Bonded Broadband Routers

Designed for complex networking environments these highly featured, award winning devices can support up to 12 lines and aggregated bandwidth in excess of 900Mbps! Aggregating bandwidth from xDSL, MPLS, Fibre Broadband and dedicated leased lines the routers can be used to provide high-speed Internet connectivity or site-to- site connectivity for leased line back, aggregation or replacement

QoS (Quality of Service), bandwidth reservation, resilience and management capabilities are built in and easily accessed through an intuitive Web based interface.