Broadband Bonding Subscription Service

Introduction – Broadband Bonding Subscription Service

Our BrBroadband Bonding Subscription Service Routeroadband Bonding Subscription Service enables up to eight broadband connections to be bonded together to provide increased bandwidth for Internet access, home working and other applications.

Our bonding routers support ADSL, ADSL2+, ADSL Max, SDSL and Fibre Broadband lines.

There is no need to change the existing broadband service provider and additional lines can be quickly and easily added to deliver fast, high-speed connectivity.

Designed for self-installation the routers are delivered pre-configured, just plug-in, update broadband login details and you are ready to go! Also included is a Web Portal that displays  performance information.

Typical applications

  • Fast Internet access
  • Cloud computing
  • VoIP
  • Disaster resilience
  • Bandwidth aggregation
  • Bandwidth on demand


With low-cost monthly subscriptions our Broadband Bonding Subscription Service is cost-effective and easy to deploy.  Up to 8 lines can be combined and an aggregated bandwidth of up to 120Mbps is supported.

Monthly subscriptions start from just £17 + VAT per line per month and we provide a rolling monthly contract so there is no long-term commitment.

A two line Broadband Bonding Subscription Service ‘Installation Package’ includes two routers, the first months bonding subscription, equipment configuration, Web Portal account set-up and equipment delivery.

We also offer ‘Broadband Bonding – Pay Monthly‘ schemes, which requires no initial equipment outlay, these start from only £70 + VAT per month on a minimum 12 month term.

Please contact us to find out more.

Broadband Bonding Subscription Service for business

Businesses are able to benefit from increased productivity and access to ‘Cloud’ based applications. VoIP and other cost saving technologies can be deployed with the confidence that performance will be as expected.

Home and teleworkers

Broadband bonding provides the bandwidth necessary to effectively use office applications and voice services. Waiting for Websites to load become a distant memory and productivity improves. No more frustrating delays!

Disaster recovery

Multiple broadband lines, ideally from alternate providers, protects against line failure and issues within the broadband providers own network.

Home users

Improve the performance of online and streaming TV, gaming and film services. Unable to access fibre broadband? Create your own ‘super-fast’ connection by bonding two or more lines.

How does the subscription service work?

The Broadband Bonding Subscription Service uses a dedicated bonding routers on each line. These routers communicated with each other and the host system to ensure that data is transmitted over each line to maximise throughput and performance.

Broadband Bonding Operation


The Broadband Bonding Subscription Service is designed for self-install and an online portal provides key performance information.


Two monthly data cap levels are available; 350GB or ‘Unlimited’ and these are reflected in the monthly subscription charges, £17 + VAT or £30 + VAT per line respectively.

Traffic optimisation

By optimising the throughput of each line, performance and speed is dramatically improved.

Broadband Bonding Subscription Service Benefits

Broadband line performance can fluctuate during the day and to address this our routers periodically monitor the performance of each line, prioritising the transmission of data over the best performing line.

Use existing broadband lines

Just add the Broadband Bonding Subscription Service to your existing broadband connection, there is NO need to change broadband line provider.

We can provide additional broadband lines and are able to offer some great deals from a variety of broadband providers.

Please contact us for a line quotation or click on the banner below to see latest offers from Plusnet, one of our broadband partners.

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