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Overview Truffle Lite

Mushroom Networks Truffle Lite Broadband Bonding Router

The Truffle Lite is an award winning broadband bonding router designed for the corporate environment that is capable of bonding between 2 and 4 broadband connections.

As standard, the unit is shipped with 2 active (WAN) broadband interfaces, 2 LAN ports and 2 USB ports for use with optional 3G or 4G dongles.

The router can be easily field upgraded to support three or four WAN ports. The desktop form factor makes it an ideal product for the small office environment.

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Standalone or peered operation


Mushroom Networks Truffle Lite Broadband Bonding Router Operation

In this mode of operation a Truffle Lite broadband bonding router will provide access to the Internet.  These interfaces can include the mobile wireless USB interfaces which can be configured to either aggregate bandwidth or provide connectivity in the event of failure of all the broadband lines connected to the WAN interfaces.

All http downlink traffic is bonded, uplink and non-http traffic will be intelligently load balanced across the available WAN interfaces. An optional, hosted service is available that enables all uplink and downlink traffic to be bonded.

Throughput in standalone mode is up to 65Mbps.

Peered operation

Mushroom Networks Truffle Lite Bonded Broadband Router Leased Line OperationUtilising the in-built VLL (Virtual Leased Line) client it is possible to peer the unit with a Truffle server to create a VLL (Virtual Leased Line) connection.

All data is bonded over a VLL connection and VPN, VoIP and other business critical data types are all supported. Throughput in peered mode is 20Mbps.

VLL is an extremely powerful feature that is used to either replace a leased line or provide backup and aggregated bandwidth to an existing one.

Using VLL to replace a leased line can be extremely cost-effective and ROI (Return On Investment) is typically less than six months.

Feature rich

An in-built Web Interface enables the router to be quickly and easily configured, managed and monitored. Performance can be easily tailored to suit a specific network environment and for maximum performance QoS (Quality of Service) functionality enables both traffic shaping and reservation parameters to be defined.

Real-time performance information is graphically presented for individual interfaces or traffic types.

Local and remote configuration, management and monitoring facilities via secure, HTTPS, connection is provided.

For resilience and redundancy VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) is supported.

SNMP support enables the router to be easily incorporated into central site management systems and for security there is stateful firewall functionality.

Truffle Lite Bonded Broadband Operation

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